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Java Programming stands as a cornerstone in the world of technology. Renowned for its versatility and broad application, Java has been embraced by major industry players such as Google, Amazon, and IBM, seamlessly integrated into their core operations. This programming language serves as the foundation for a variety of tasks, including the creation of desktop and mobile applications, powering games, facilitating numerical computations, and supporting robust backend development projects.

Our meticulously designed online learning experience delivers the programme tailored to your pace and preferences. The curriculum commences by focusing on fundamental Java developer skills, encompassing crucial areas such as web frameworks and object-oriented programming. As you advance, the programme delves into more sophisticated topics, including Spring MVC, guiding you in crafting web applications with integrated databases and honing your expertise in backend development.

Skills You Will Acquire


Learn essential programming terms and acquire basic coding skills.

Learn the basic tools used for constructing both desktop and mobile applications.

Learn how to use objects, maps, and strings in Java.

Learn the most widely used data structures and solve programming problems with their use. You will also focus on some Debugging techniques.

Explore the fundamental concepts of Object-Oriented Programming with Java. Discover what Functional Programming is and how to use it.

Acquire knowledge of creating and designing a database. Explore MySQL – the most popular relational database management system.

Learn more intricate ideas and techniques of Object-Oriented Programming. You will create unit tests for your code and become familiar with different design patterns.

Learn how to work with two of the most widely used frameworks. Hibernate is a modern ORM framework, and Spring is the most popular application development framework for enterprise Java.

Career Prospects


This programme is suitable for individuals interested in programming and technology. Beginners are welcome, as no prior coding experience is necessary. You’ll require basic computer skills, access to a computer and the internet, along with a strong motivation to learn.

Application Process

01 Submit application online

02 Enjoy a 14-day free trial

03 Continue with SGD 99 monthly subscription fee

Payment Method

1. Open to find the payment methods in QR Code and Bank Transfer.
2. For Singapore, make the payment via PayNow/Paylah! using the QR Code.
3. For Philippines, make the payment via Bank Transfer to GECO Philippines Inc’s bank account.
4. Take a screenshot of the payment receipt and email a copy to