Why is upskilling important?

Upskilling is important because it ensures you stay relevant in an ever-evolving job market. It allows you to acquire new skills and knowledge, keeping you competitive and adaptable. This not only enhances your current job performance but also opens doors to a wider range of career advancement opportunities.

What is Upskill Today?

Upskill Today is an award-winning and innovative Hire-Upskill-Deploy programme by GECO Asia to address the technology skills gap in Asia. It aims to empower the digital talent ecosystem and support businesses in their digital transformations. With a tailored approach, it equips aspiring tech talents with next-gen IT skills in just 8 weeks, making them job-ready. This programme also offers opportunities for fresh graduates and mid-career professionals to transition into tech careers while earning a salary from the get go.

What does Upskill Today specialize in?

Our expertise lies in ABCD technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud and Data. We continue to keep our fingers on the pulse with the latest technology trends and invest significantly in next-gen IT skills to address the evolving business needs of today and tomorrow. Each industry and business has unique requirements, and we understand that. We specialise in offering bespoke tech talent solutions trained to your exact requirements in just 8 weeks, empowering the best local talent from the region.