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Cohort#35 Graduates: Introducing Our Newest ServiceDesk Experts in MS M365 & Azure ActiveDirectory Support from the Philippines

An exciting milestone at Upskill Today – Cohort#35’s graduation ceremony marks not just the culmination of weeks of intensive training but also a significant step forward in transforming businesses in Asia through upskilling initiatives. As we proudly announce the graduation of our second cohort of ServiceDesk MS M365 / Azure ActiveDirectory Support Consultants in the Philippines, we reflect on the journey that brought us here and the promising future ahead.

At Upskill Today, we are driven by a vision of creating an empowering, inclusive, and resilient digital talent ecosystem. With our bespoke approach tailored to the specific needs of businesses, we have successfully equipped aspiring tech talents with the relevant, next-gen IT skills demanded by today’s dynamic industry landscape.

Cohort#35 exemplifies our commitment to understanding and meeting the unique requirements of our Clients’ businesses while providing pathways for individuals to embark on a sustainable and rewarding next-gen tech career. In just four weeks, our graduates have undergone rigorous training, emerging as job-ready and deployable professionals capable of making an immediate impact in the field.

The significance of this achievement extends beyond individual success stories. By investing in upskilling initiatives like Cohort#35, businesses not only gain access to a pool of talented, well-trained professionals but also contribute to the development of local communities. Through our programs, we aim to facilitate the transition of fresh graduates and mid-career professionals into tech careers, fostering economic growth and prosperity.

Testimonial from Cohort#35 Graduate Joshua:

“Before joining GECO’s M365 upskilling program, I was a fresh graduate. The company gave me an opportunity to be a part of its upskilling program. Its technical training gave me a new perspective about Microsoft. The soft skills training helped me build up my confidence, especially when talking to other people.  I now have new tools and techniques for effective communication in both social and professional settings.”

Testimonial from Cohort#35 Graduate Vincent:

“As a recent graduate specializing in Software Engineering, I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in GECO’s M365 upskilling program. The program’s comprehensive training has significantly expanded my capabilities, providing me with heightened proficiency in Microsoft 365. This experience has been invaluable in enhancing my technical prowess and preparing me for future challenges in the field.

The soft skills training has proven invaluable to me, offering profound insights into the significance of effective communication in personal and professional endeavors. This program has enhanced my confidence and refined my ability to articulate thoughts coherently and methodically.”  – Vincent

Customized Journey: Hire, Upskill, Deploy

At the heart of Cohort#35 is a personalized journey encapsulated by the three pillars of “Hire, Upskill, Deploy.” This approach ensures a seamless progression from recruitment to deployment, offering a comprehensive experience for both trainees and employers.

  1. Hire: Rigorous selection processes ensure that only the most promising talents are admitted to the program, setting a high standard for the cohort from the outset.
  2. Upskill: The intensive training program goes beyond traditional learning, incorporating real-world scenarios and industry best practices. Trainees are exposed to cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, preparing them for the challenges of the modern tech landscape.
  3. Deploy: The ultimate goal of Cohort#35 is to bridge the gap between upskilling and employment. Upon completion of the program, the trained Consultants will be ready to actively contribute to our Client’s project, fostering innovation and driving growth in the Philippine’s tech sector.

Overcoming Business Challenges in the Tech Skills Gap

We remain committed to our mission of bridging the tech skills gap in organizations across Asia. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your team’s capabilities or embark on a new career journey, Upskill Today is here to support you every step of the way.

Explore our other upskilling programs and discover how we can help address the skills gap in your organization. Contact us today for a Free Diagnostic Consultation.

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