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Empowering Indonesia’s Tech Talent: Cohort 34 Kicks Off Upskilling Journey

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape of Indonesia, our Upskilling Cohort 34 has embarked on its official training journey last December 4th, making a significant milestone for Upskill Today as the pioneering cohort in Indonesia. Comprising an outstanding group of individuals, they are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future, and their deployment is scheduled for January 2024.

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Top Five Java Developer Skills in High Demand

Celebrating its 26th anniversary this year, JAVA has been resilient in its popularity. It has maintained its top 2 spot over the last 15+ years in a recent poll by Github PYPL. If you’re considering which programming language to learn, you won’t be alone in picking Java. Daily 9 million developers code in Java Language. That is good news for you. You can learn from the JAVA community.

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Why Do You Need To Consider Upskilling If You Have Been Using The Same IT Skill For More Than 2 year

Gathering education is the finest approach to progress in the world we live in today. As a student, you can only improve by learning more about the subject you’re interested in. On that same note, when you add a lot of hours to your teaching, you get more credibility as a teacher. In a nutshell, the more you learn, the better you will become.

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Cloud Computing is Here to Stay

Cloud computing refers to the storage, management, and processing of data via networks of remote servers that are typically accessed over the Internet. Cloud computing generated more than 300 billion dollars in revenue in 2020 as a section of IT services. It shows no indications of slowing down. In the impact of COVID-19, According to IDC, The growth of the Cloud IT industry is increasing rapidly while the development of the Traditional Computing environment is dropping continuously.