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Streamlining Hospitality IT Systems

Our client is a Singapore hospitality firm managing a premium lifestyle destination resort with world-class attractions. They faced issues with ERP implementation and integration with their existing tech solution interfaces.

We resolved existing issues by implementing Application Maintenance & Support (AMS) with Oracle software, and created a quick fix process involving batch monitoring, root cause analysis and fixing.

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Infrastructure Upgrade for Local Tech SME

Our client is a local SME providing technology products, services and solutions, and faced challenges with updating and improving existing system performance.

Our solution was effective in minimising system downtime, upgrading and modernising their existing system infrastructure, while achieving cost optimisations for our client.

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Optimising Global MNCs Hiring Process

Our client is an MNC leader in business consulting and IT services, facing challenges with employee churn and lack of resources to hire the right talent.

Leveraging on our Hire-Train-Deploy solution to hire qualified tech talents, we reduced attrition risks and optimised hiring and training costs, while giving our client project continuity assurance with standby resources ready for deployment.